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Women’s Healthcare

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) began in 2006 with a vision to elevate the quality and safety of women’s healthcare by ensuring every expectant mother the security of consistently and unconditionally seeing a physician when presenting to the hospital.

As the original architect of the Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED), OBHG leads the industry in developing and managing on-site OB/GYN hospitalist programs staffed with highly skilled, Board-Certified physicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have developed a unique, comprehensive, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist program that serves women, newborns, and their families and supports nurses, local providers and our hospital partners.

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The Nation’s Leading Provider of OB/GYN Hospitalist Services

With 85+ current and on-boarding programs in more than 22 states, we leverage our experience and industry-leading practices to develop and deliver highly-effective, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist programs. Click here for more information.

Hospital Advantage

OBHG has successfully partnered with over 85 current and on-boarding hospitals across the nation with a staggering 97% contract renewal rate. ...more

Physician Advantage

OBHG was created by a veteran OB/GYN practitioner. We understand the limitations and demands foisted upon private physicians today. ...more

Patient Advantage

OBHG is committed to ensuring all patients are treated by a physician immediately upon arrival at the hospital. That is not always the case. ...more