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Elevating the Standard of
Women’s Healthcare

Ob Hospitalist Group’s (OBHG) mission is to elevate the quality and availability of obstetric care to expectant mothers by providing in-house Board Certified OB/GYN physician support to our hospital partners 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our service-oriented physicians are superbly skilled at providing emergent care in times of crisis or routine care in the absence of a patient’s private physician. 

OBHG hospitalists welcome the opportunity to treat unassigned and/or uninsured patients, thereby ensuring all patients presenting at the hospital are granted the very best medical care regardless of time, location, complication or circumstance. Our physicians are leaders in developing the hospitalist model’s reputation for excellence in providing quality care, reducing risk and increasing physician availability.

Our passion for preserving life extends to all patients, their newborns and families and compels us to deliver excellence in every patient encounter and humbly serve with diligence and integrity.

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The Nation’s Leading Provider of OB/GYN Hospitalist Services

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With 53 active and 11 developing programs in over 20 states, we leverage our experience and industry-leading practices to develop and deliver highly-effective, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist programs. ...more


"Patients receive better care under OBHG. A pregnant woman should be seen by an experienced obstetrician, not a nurse. OBHG allows us to guarantee this improvement in care."

– CMO, Virginia

Hospital Advantage

OBHG has successfully partnered with over 45 hospitals across the nation with a staggering 100% contract renewal rate. ...more

Physician Advantage

OBHG was created by a veteran OB/GYN practitioner. We understand the limitations and demands foisted upon private physicians today. ...more

Patient Advantage

OBHG is committed to ensuring all patients are treated by a physician immediately upon arrival at the hospital. That is not always the case. ...more